Long-Term Care Planning and Asset Preservation

“What if I can’t cover the high cost of long-term care?”

“Is there any way to preserve assets if one spouse needs long-term care?”

“What if I gift assets to my children in order to become eligible for long-term care Medicaid?”

“I have long-term care insurance, but what if it is not enough?”

“I don’t have long-term care insurance.  What are my options for finding quality care?”

We work with individuals and couples who are facing the possibility of long-term care needs and want to learn more about Medicaid benefits to help cover the cost of care.  

We take a “roadmap” approach to long-term care planning.  We start by gathering information about our client’s assets, debts, recent gifts, potential care needs, estate planning, and goals.  We then meet to go over the rules for long-term care benefits (typically Medicaid) and to discuss planning options.  Our attorneys also make tailored estate planning recommendations based on long-term care planning concerns; our clients can then work with us on these estate planning updates, or take them back to their current attorney.